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Medical Card - Part 1

I remember long before I joined the insurance industry, one of my friends asked me,
‘ Thammy, do you know what are the 2 most important cards inside your wallet?’ Of course I answered the question without any hesitation, ‘ Oh.. My identity card and my credit card.’ She replied, ‘ Nope, you only got one of them right.. The 2 most important cards that you should have inside your wallet are your identity card and your life saver card, which is your medical card…’

She wasn’t an agent, and I didn't really bother to ask why until I myself became an insurance agent.  I totally, 100% agree to what she said… The 2 most important cards what we all should have inside our wallet should be the identity card and the medical card.

But after a few years in the industry, I realised that there are still many people do not know the difference between a medical card and a critical illness policy.

A Medical Card is generally designed to cover the cost of private medical treatment, which can be very expensive, especially with hospitalisation and surgery.  Having a medical card also ensures that you won’t have to worry about the cost of seeking treatment during emergencies.

You can be a very good saver and you might tell me, “I save every month, I have enough cash in the bank to cover my medical expenses if anything should happen to me… I DON’T NEED A MEDICAL CARD…”. Or you can be a very healthy and a fit person, so you might tell me, “I have a very healthy lifestyle and I go the gym 5 times a week, I don’t think I will fall ill… I DON’T NEED A MEDICAL CARD…”.  


A Medical Card can help you to save guard your hard earned money in the bank. Why should you transfer your hard earned money to the hospital just like that? Medical costs will burn a hole in your pocket, why not transfer the risk to Great Eastern?
A good example, the lowest annual limit from Great Eastern is RM90,000.00 If you save RM200  every month systematically, how long do you think you need to save in order to achieve RM90,000? The answer is 450 months, which is 37.5 years…

Going to the gym and having healthy lifestyle is the trend now, 8 out of 10 people are having gym membership. For whatever reason, it can be the health purpose, beauty or just because everybody is having one.. So they think they are healthy and fit, they won’t fall ill easily. But what about Dengue? Accident? Appendix removal? These are the things that we cannot prevent or predict, no matter how healthy you are, right??

Just like me, when I first got my medical card in March 2004, I was telling myself, “Aiya, there is no way I will use this card, at least not for the next 20 years…”. Guess what happened, I was admitted to Gleneagles Hospital just 3 months after I got my medical card for appendix removal, and the total bill was almost RM6,000.00.. Then I told myself, “ Thank God I have that mighty medical card, if not I got to trouble my parent..”,

A Medical Card will help you to pay for the various hospitalisation and medical expenses that you will incur, if you become ill or injured. These expenses will include hospital room & board, professional consultation, surgery fees, medical supplies and services.



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